Enchanting feature of the mythological scenery, Ydonis was one of the three rivers that flowed through earthly paradise. When Aphrodite’s lover Adonis was injured by Mars’s retaliation, he bathed his wounds in these blessed waters. Ydonis has since been known for its scarlet tint, as well as the thousand nuances reverberated by the gemstones glistening in its bed. It represents perfection, an offering from God to mankind.

                                   Origin and inspiration

 Halfway between haute couture houses and small Parisian boutiques, Ydonis offers a line of products combining elegance and singularity. Exoticism and refinement blend together in a palette of unique colors that is the fruit of scrupulous artistic and pictorial analyses.

It is the inspired paintbrush of Lara Meissirel, a Franco-American painter, that (which) gave life to the atypical designs of Ydonis prints. Thanks to her expressive, sophisticated and colorful style, her products have easily managed to stand out from the ordinary and often redundant usual Resort Wear.

With twenty years of experience in the art scene, Lara now aspires to put her knowledge of materials, colors, motion and aesthetics at the service of women’s (ready to wear) prêt-à-porter.

Lara Meissirel’s paintings provide an ideal material for creation. The transition from canvas to fabric is the cornerstone of the skill which goes into making Ydonis prints, and requires the scrupulous preservation of all the colors visible in the original artwork.

Ydonis clothes come in a variety of colors, from prussian blue to jade green to vermilion, allowing you the possibility of pairing them with any outfit and enjoying them at every occasion.

Our prints are meant to be an open window to the world, a reminder of the luxurious nature that surrounds us and a touch of whimsy to brighten our urban routines.